IKF Technical Manual Supplement

(Updated January 2014)


This document contains "Old Rules and Specifications" that are no longer published in the current IKF Competition Regulations & Technical manual.


The following Sections are included in this supplement:


Section 601.2.3 Water Test (Fuel)

Section 604 80cc, 100/200cc, 125cc McCulloch

Section 605 US 820 Tech

Section 606 100cc Stock Appearing

Section 607 Open Classes

Section 608 A-Limited (Road Race)

Section 609 Formula A

Section 610 RZ/RD 350 Yamaha

Section 611 Stock 100cc Reed/Rotary Valve Engines, General

Section 612 Stock 100cc Reed/Rotary Valve Engine Specifications

Section 613 Carburetors for Reed/Rotary Valve Engines

Section 614 Mac Minarelli 125AR Engine (Formula 125 Ltd.)

Section 615 Controlled Stock 135cc Reed Valve Engine (Gas and Oil Only)

Section 616 Stock 100cc Piston Valve

Section 618 DAP T-50 Piston Port

Section 619 TKM BT-82 Piston Port

Section 620 Komet K-71 Piston Port

Section 621 PCR PP-100 Piston Port

Section 621.1 Comer P50 Piston Port

Section 621.2 FIA/FMK 100cc Piston Port Engines


Section 702 Tecumseh Controlled Stock Engine Rules

Section 703 Tecumseh Controlled Stock Technical Inspection Procedure

Section 705 Super Stock Engine Rules

Section 706 Limited Modified Engine Rules

Section 707 Briggs Modified Engine Rules

Section 708 Open Engine Rules

Section 709 Star Class

Section 710 Tecumseh Motorsports H-50 "Stock"

Section 711 IKF Spec Limited Rules

Section 712 Briggs Blue Wazoom Rules

Section 713 Senior Sportsman (Gas)

Section 714 Honda GX140, GX160, and GX160K1 Engine Rules

Section 715 Animal Sportsman Rules


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