Section 102.2.1 Rule Change Enactment

Rules go into effect 30 days after being posted on the IKF Website.


The IKF Rules and Rulebook are for the exclusive use of, and participation in, IKF sanctioned facilities, series, and events. By opening the Rulebook, you agree to abide by all terms and conditions contained within concerning its use and distribution.


2018 IKF Rulebook (Legacy)



2019 IKF LO-206 Rules





2018 Rule Updates



Section Add as last sentence: In Senior Classes in the Sprint Division (Section 200), the use of neck braces and neck collars is optional.


Section 301 Road Race Grand National Championship Classes

Class #1 change to:
1. FKE 1 - 100cc Open                   80/85cc Gearbox         370
                                                      100cc Clutch Enduro    400
                                                      100cc Clutch Spring     360

Class #1 FKE -1 & Class #2 FKE -2 Fuel - change to read: GAS/OIL     


Add to Section 721-   g. A tech official may use additional means of measuring components to compare against a known stock part.


Add to Section 721.3  A racer MUST start each race with the air filter properly attached but will NOT be penalized if the air filter falls off during the race. It is still subject to tech.


Change Section 721.4.1 Gasoline no greater than 94 Octane is recommended. Specific gravity and hydrometer testing are acceptable tests when used in accordance to sanctioning body guidelines.


Add to Section 721.5  NO alterations allowed unless stated below.  ALL intake manifold fasteners to remain factory stock. The use of studs, etc. are illegal.


Add to Section 721.17  Factory machining marks left on the head gasket surface IS a tech item.


Add and change to Section 721.9.3  change .185" to .183"


Add to bottom line of Section 721.9.3 Push rod diameter to be checked 3 points along the length and must pass two planes on each 360 degrees of rotation.


Change Section 721.8.2.4 to Recommended .014” to .016". Air gap is a non tech item.


Add to Section 721.8.2.5  Temperature thermocouple permitted as long as sealing washer and/or air guard are not modified.


Change Section 721.8.2 30 degrees BTDC to 26 degrees BTDC


Add to Section 721.8.2  With air gap set at .016”. See figure 721.8.2.
Static Check for Timing:
Install a degree wheel or a Degree meter using a positive stop method.
With the left edge of the first magnet aligned with the start of the lead leg of the ignition (refer to photo figure 721.8.2), the engine must not exceed 26 degrees with air gap set at .016". Timing is checked in the direction the engine operates.


Add to Section 721.23 after shoes. Clutch must be used as shipped from the ORIGINAL manufacturer. Mixing of parts between clutch  lines or manufactures or removing parts (ie. Grease guard, etc.) is ILLEGAL. No alteration to clutch allowed except springs, driver, driver conversion, clutch key, and crankshaft fastener kit, which are non-tech.
Clutch coolers are not allowed.


Add Section 721.23.1  Clutch drums must be stamped single-piece steel only. Clutch hubs must be single-piece steel, other alloys not allowed.


Add Section 721.23.2  Clutch claim rule - Per standard sanctioning body guidelines, claiming can be implemented, Maximum of $160.00.


Any questions regarding Section 721 changes, please contact Mr. George Shear at 405-799-9204.



Section 850.1 2 Cycle Sprint Regional Classes

IAME Cup - Change to read: Details are in Section 676

IAME Cup Junior - Change to read: Details are in Section 676

IKF TAG - Change to read: Details are in Section 676



721.11 : Head Gasket 

a. Unaltered B&S part #555723 is the only head gasket allowed.

b. Minimum thickness allowed is .047". Measurement must  be performed using a micrometer. Readings are taken from inside the cylinder hole of the gasket closest to the combustion chamber (see diagram). Four measurements are to be taken in the four defined quadrants with 3 meeting the minimum thickness of .047”.


Technical Bulletins

Note: These PDF's are to determine basic component dimensions and weights not posted in Section 675 Chart. In the event of conflicting specifications the Section 675 Chart's specifications take precedence.


(05-07-09) TaG Leopard Engine Specifications

(06-02-09) Gazelle 60cc engine specifications

(07-06-09) ROKTT Engine Specifications

(07-14-09) Gazelle and mini-swift pistons information

(10-08-09) TaG PRD Engine Specifications

(12-17-09) Tag Motori 7 Engine Specifications

(03-28-11) TaG My09 Leopard Engine Specifications

(01-23-14) PRD Controlled updates (Tech bulletins 18,19, 20)

(02-12-14) Parilla X30 125cc RL-C TaG

(01-27-15) 2015 PRD 125cc Controlled TaG Rules & Addendums

(02-25-15) 2015 PRD 125cc Controlled TaG Rules & Addendums Revised

(04-06-16) 2016 X125T 125cc Tag technical information

(05-24-16) 2016 IKF Wing Kart Rules

(02-24-17) 2017 Chest Protectors / Helmets

(02-27-17) Briggs and Stratton 206 / Animal / M-series / World Formula Air Inlet Chamfer Clarification

(08-15-17) Briggs And Stratton Clutch Rule UPDATE


Note: These PDF's are for Honda Kid Kart Rules and Updates


(09-12-17) Honda Kid Kart GXH50 Class Information