2019 IKF LO-206 Rules





Northern California’s KPX Karting Championship Recognized as The First New Official IKF Region in North America

The International Karting Federation (IKF) today confirmed that beginning in 2019, the KPX Karting Championship will be officially billed as the IKF’s Northern California region. The move comes in recognition of a tremendous track record of KPX promoting and conducting successful karting racing events in the area, and their unbridled passion and commitment for the sport.

“Really, if I could custom tailor the perfect regional candidate — KPX would be it,” exclaimed IKF’s Tom Kutscher. “There are arguably no group of guys more committed to growing karting in California than KPX. Kenny and Chris are true ambassadors of the sport and their passion shows in everything they do.” Read full story.




2018 IKF Grand Nationals – Event Preview

It has been over 40 years since the first ‘Duffy’ was given out, and this weekend the Fresno Fairgrounds will come alive with sounds of both 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines in the quest for the 2018 edition of the International Kart Federation (IKF) Grand Nationals. Hosted by the KPX Karting Championship and the Central California Kart Racing Association, both the IAME KA100 and Mini Swift packages will be in use on the 2-stroke side, while the popular Briggs & Stratton 206 powerplant for all 4-stroke classes. In all, nine categories will compete not only for the prized bronze Duffy trophy for each class victory, but also the coveted Screaming Eagle pole award for the fastest time in the three-lap qualifying session.

The track at the Fresno Fairgrounds is a temporary parking-lot styled circuit, with cones and barriers used to delineate the 12 turn, 0.5-mile course. The CCKRA is no stranger to putting on big events, having hosted the 2012 IKF Grand Nationals. With ample run-off, a 600ft back straight and several passing zones, it is a great place to host the event, and will provide an excellent stage for the on track action. In all, the nine classes on offer will see a 4-stroke and 2-stroke category for each level of driver, including Junior 1 206 and Mini Swift, Junior 2 206 and Junior KA100, Senior 206 and Senior KA100, Masters 206 and Masters KA100, as well as a Heavy 206 class. Read full story on eKartingNews.com.




IKF and IAME USA Confirm Details Of An Unprecedented $25,000 Triple Crown Cash Prize Pool in Conjunction With Upcoming Grandnationals

With the 2018 IKF Sprint GrandNationals just days away, details have emerged regarding an unprecedented cash purse for IAME KA100 powered classes. The KPX Karting Championship, in partnership with the newly reformed IKF, have confirmed that winners of the KA100 classes at this year’s GrandNationals will be eligible to participate in the ‘Triple Crown Challenge.’

Any Junior and Senior driver who can win the IKF GrandNationals, the Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix, and the SKUSA SuperNationals is eligible for a $10,000 cash prize to commemorate the achievement. KA100 Master drivers need only win the IKF GrandNationals and the Streets of Lancaster to win a $5,000 prize.

“It’s a crazy idea, admittedly —” explained interim IKF president Tom Kutscher. “With the recent popularity and interest in the KA100 platform, we wanted to spice things up in a big way for the remaining big races left on the calendar.” KPX’s Kenny Manchester was equally optimistic. “Racing for a Duffy is no doubt one of the biggest goals of any IKF karter. But it’s rare, if ever, that grassroots racers get the opportunity to compete for the chance at real money,” Manchester added.

The details are simple. Drivers wishing to compete for the prize pool must meet age requirements, per current competition rulebooks. Drivers must also be pre-entered for all races. Walk-up entries will not be eligible for the triple crown prizes.

“It’s no secret the Grand Nationals got off to a shaky start this year with NTK’s cancellation,” IKF’s Tom Kutscher explained. “There’s a saying: If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. Good, bad, or otherwise we’re trying a new direction with the GrandNationals format. Fewer classes. Fewer days. And now with this triple crown program — we’re trying to show we’re not looking past the grassroots racer. Giving them something special to strive for is just the beginning of what we see unfolding.

The 2018 2 and 4 cycle GrandNationals takes place this September 8th and 9th at the Fresno Fairgrounds. Participants will be racing for the famed ‘Duffy’ trophy and the ‘Screaming Eagle’ for fastest qualifying time. Classes are filling quickly, and we anticipate KA100 classes to reach capacity. Those who have not entered are strongly encouraged to do so to guarantee a spot in the running for the Triple Crown prize. Online entry and full event information is available by visiting: https://www.ikfgrandnationals.com




2018 4 Cycle Grand National Results

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IKF Confirms New Dates and Location for 2018 Two and Four Cycle GrandNationals

The International Kart Federation today confirmed the long awaited news of a make-up event after the original 2018 IKF GrandNationals in North Texas was canceled. The new event heads west to California, in partnership with the successful KPX Karting Championship and their ‘Super Regional’ race on September 08-09 at the Fresno Fairgrounds.

“The cancellation took everyone by surprise, including us” remarked interim IKF partner Tom Kutscher. “Upon hearing the news, we knew right away we had to find a promotional partner that could take on the event with very little notice. Enter KPX Karting Championship.”

The KPX Karting Championship was established from day one to promote affordable and competitive championship kart racing at the grassroots level. It’s the perfect fit for the IKF culture and their renewed commitment to amateur kart racing in North America. KPX’s relationship with the Central California Kart Racing Association and the healthy support for IKF class formats on the west coast, made the decision a logical choice for all parties.

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2018 4 Cycle Speedway Grand Nationals Schedule

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North Texas Karters Elects To Withdraw From Hosting The 2 And 4 Cycle Ikf Sprint Grand Nationals

In an unfortunate and abrupt chain of events, the International Kart Federation has learned the North Texas Karters club and track contracted to host the 2018 IKF Sprint Grand Nationals has elected to pass and forgo the opportunity. Per their most recent emergency board meeting, effectively immediately, the IKF Grand Nationals event scheduled for 27-30 June, 2018 is canceled. All entries collected will be refunded immediately by NTK and the event will be assessed and rescheduled to a different venue, at a later date.

“Canceling is something we just don’t do,” explained interim IKF stakeholder and SKUSA owner Tom Kutscher. “While this isn’t a SKUSA event, it’s no secret our companies our aligned philosophically based on the recent press highlighting our joint efforts. I’m truly empathetic to the racers, their travel plans, and the weight of this decision by the North Texas Karters. In 20+ years of doing SKUSA, we’ve never canceled an event in this manner, ever. I’m as shocked and disappointed as anyone to learn of their decision.”

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International Kart Federation Announces Early Steps for Future

The International Kart Federation is the world’s longest standing karting organization, with over sixty years of racing in its history. Having recently joined forces with Superkarts! USA, the new partnership is slowly taking shape to begin the next chapter in the IKF’s long and fabled story.

Superkarts! USA has been working tirelessly with the IKF to close down their previous operations and simultaneously create new local and regional programs that continue to serve by introducing the sport to new drivers. “This all materialized incredibly quickly,” said SKUSA principal Tom Kutscher. “The opportunity for unification came in the midst of our regular SKUSA competition programs, so my staff and I have been working double duty to manage the IKF coming into the fold.”

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Rule Update

721.11 : Head Gasket 

a. Unaltered B&S part #555723 is the only head gasket allowed.

b. Minimum thickness allowed is .047". Measurement must  be performed using a micrometer. Readings are taken from inside the cylinder hole of the gasket closest to the combustion chamber (see diagram). Four measurements are to be taken in the four defined quadrants with 3 meeting the minimum thickness of .047”.



2018 SKUSA / IKF Grand National Entry Forms are now available.

2 and 4 Stroke Sprint Grand National Entry Form

2 Cycle Speedway Grand National Entry Form

4 Cycle Speedway Grand National Entry Form



The April 2018 IKF Board Meeting Minutes are now available.

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Notice of Recall: Driver Restraint Assemblies Manufactured and Certified to SFI Specification 16.1 by Ruian Dragon and Ruian Dongjinlong.

To All Racers, Sanctioning Body Officials, Equipment Wholesalers and Retailers,
Driver Restraint Assemblies Manufactured and Certified to SFI Specification 16.1 by Ruian Dragon and Ruian Dongjinlong have been found to be non-compliant with SFI Specification 16.1. All camlock type Driver Restraint Assemblies Manufactured and Certified to SFI Specification 16.1 by Ruian Dragon and Ruian Dongjinlong must be immediately be removed from service and returned to Ruian Dongjinlong.

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Superkarts! USA Unites With International Kart Federation

New partnership focused on stabilizing IKF program and preserving history

TEMECULA, CA (January 23, 2018) – Superkarts! USA is pleased to announce the ground-breaking confirmation that they are uniting with the International Kart Federation and will merge the historic national organization with the SKUSA family. SKUSA owner Tom Kutscher has been in talks with IKF management for some time, and the continuing evolution of the sport has paved the way for this new partnership. The IKF currently sanctions over 50 clubs, three regional series and four Grand Nationals in the United States and Canada. All effort will be made to keep business as usual, with the added horsepower of the Superkarts! USA staff aiding in future growth and stability. Current sanctioning will continue for 2018 as SKUSA evaluates any new approaches for the future. Memberships, track sanctioning and plans for Grand National events for 2018 will continue uninterrupted and further information will be made available soon.

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