About the International Kart Federation

The International Kart Federation (IKF) takes pride in its long record of achievement as a governing body for the sport of kart racing. In recognition of the need for controls over the sport, the International Kart Federation (then known as the Go-Kart Club of America) has published rules for competition since November 21, 1957. Throughout this time, the objectives of the Federation have been the same: to foster strong and fair competition; to provide reasonable rules for the various types of competition; to administer the competition program with impartiality, and to reduce the hazards associated with this sport.


Entrants, drivers and participants in general are required to be fully conversant with these regulations and any supplementary rules or instructions governing an event, and are, by reason of their entry therein, bound by such regulations, supplementary rules, or instructions. It shall be the duty of every IKF member to conduct themselves, while representing the Federation, in a manner that shall not be prejudicial to the Federation, nor bring unnecessary criticism on the Federation.


The prime responsibility for the condition and operation of a kart or any other vehicle in competition rests with the owner/driver. The track operator's main responsibility is that of providing a suitable place to conduct events. IKF is the vital link between these two, producing Rules and Regulations of Competition.


The Founding Fathers of the Go-Kart Club of America - November 1957

Frank (Duffy) Livingstone
Spencer Murray
Roy Desbrow
Otis Parham
Marvin Patche

Don Watson

Richard VanDeVeere

William Rowles

Donald Boberick


The First Members of the Go-Kart Club of America – November 1957

Art Ingels
Lou Borelli
John Strauser
Chuck Firquain
Rex Hays
Jim Walker
Terry Traeder
Terry Ives
Don Morris
Jack Elder

Jerry Knapp

Wally Baynes

Sarah Tucker

Tom Pierson

Dick Connors

Harry Maeda

Howard Pittenger

John Markham

Lake Speed

Ken Eaton

Gary Hartman